Balanced Mind with Julie Potiker

Balanced Mind with Julie Potiker

Six Senses Guided Meditation

October 05, 2022

Tap into all your senses through this guided meditation led by Julie Potiker. She completes the meditation with her poem, "Softly Raining".

Softly Raining, by Julie Potiker.

An Acorn Woodpecker joined me as I sipped my morning coffee. 

Soon we were joined by a House Finch 

then an Allen’s Hummingbird.

Sitting under the carob trees I heard a crackling sound, a gentle snapping, as rain drops landed on the round green leaves, and dripped from the long leathery carob pods. 

Some of the drops make spots on the outdoor sofa, a drop now and then wetting my ankle, wrist and hair.

As the rhythm of the water gets faster, and more complex, it smells like fresh baked brownies, and maybe something too ripe, and sour, fermenting. 

The rain is now singing, the birds a mere whisper. 

I make my way inside to shelter from the rain, hoping to hear the bird symphony again tomorrow.

-Softly Raining by Julie Potiker


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