Balanced Mind with Julie Potiker

Balanced Mind with Julie Potiker

Tonglen Meditation - Dealing with Disaster

May 25, 2022

Julie Potiker leads you through a Tibetan Buddhist meditation known as Tonglen. During this practice you will breathe in the pain and suffering of yourself and others and then exhale compassion and healing. She completes the meditation with a reading of the poem, "Another Daily Disaster," by Jessica Kantrowitz.

Another Daily Disaster

I see you.

You who were just getting your feet back

under you

when disaster struck

Maybe a small, commonplace disaster

but enough to ruin sleep

raise blood pressure

shift things from almost okay

to not okay at all.

It was just when you thought you had

a little breathing room wasn't it?

Just then.

I see you, now

struggling to breathe

through another daily disaster.

by Jessica Kantrowitz, from Blessings for the Long Night, Poems and Meditations to Help You through Depression.

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