Balanced Mind with Julie Potiker

Balanced Mind with Julie Potiker

Guided Meditation - What Do You Need To Hear Right Now?

May 25, 2022

Think about what it is you need to hear right now as Julie Potiker leads you through this guided meditation. She completes the meditation with the poem, "A Short To-Do List for the Day", by Jessica Kantrowitz.

A Short To-Do List for the Day


Acknowledge that life is hard

and often painful

Notice that life is nevertheless

startlingly beautiful

Make are in some small way –

a poem a line of prose, a drawing, a song

Love yourself

the way you dream of being loved

Take care of someone else in some small way –

a call, a text, a prayer, a song.


by Jessica Kantrowitz, from her book, "Blessings for the Long Night, Poems and Meditations to Help you through Depression.

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