Balanced Mind with Julie Potiker

Balanced Mind with Julie Potiker

Calm and Settle Meditation with poem "Unbuckle"

December 26, 2021

Allow your body to feel content and peace through this guided meditation led by Julie Potiker. She completes the meditation with her own poem, "Unbuckle".

Unbuckle by Julie Potiker


This morning as I lay in bed I heard from my left hip flexor, it had a high pitched tone, too tightly strung

Then my right ankle joined the song

Then my left toe

I rolled onto my belly and imagined unbuckling my hips


Unbuckling my ankles


Dragging my arms down to my sides I unbuckled my shoulders


Has anyone ever written about unbuckling the heart, I wondered?


Unbuckling the heart, 

Letting the disappointment flow out of the chambers


The sadness and grief tucked into the mitral valve might need a little scraping to flush it out


The existential angst at all that is lost every day in our human family

That blows away in places like Kentucky and the Philippines this time

Next time some other village or town will lose to nature - our blue marble in danger making itself known again and again


After the heart is unbuckled, and drained into the river, there is room for the packages to arrive

Precious squares of moments intentionally wrapped and delivered to you, from the person that knows you best 


Unwrap the smile you remember in a child’s eyes

Unwrap the light flashing on the water

Unwrap the wind blowing through the mountain trees

Unwrap your unique pearls of awe

Unwrap the truth that love resides here

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