Balanced Mind with Julie Potiker

Balanced Mind with Julie Potiker

Breathing In What Your Need - Releasing What You No Longer Need

May 02, 2021

In this guided meditation led by Julie Potiker you'll breathe in what you need right now - and breathe out what no longer serves you. She completes the meditation with a poem by Franciscan Brother Richard, Ordinary Miracles.

Ordinary Miracles by Brother Richard, a Capuchin Franciscan priest-friar, living and working in Ireland.


Today I am so tired - I have no space in me for big.
I must return to the small ordinary miracles;
to the way the cup and the bowl
laid upon this table, once earth themselves, now,
after fire's touch, are something else entirely,
and give themselves freely with the simple symmetry
of their curved line to the holding of emptiness
or fullness.
Or I will drink tea, and follow it's warmth and healing touch
within and without, and mingle my breath with its vapor and touch
the journey of its essence from faraway lands to here, to now, to me.
Or spend time simply remembering that between the covers
of the books upon my shelves are held
minds, lives, worlds, stories, wisdom
that will all last longer than this little body of mine.
Or marvel at the striped stones upon the shore that tell deep time,
layer by layer and recall wild days of disaster and dancing
in their still sea vigil, slowly loosing their grains and building beaches for
children's hands to make sand castles with until the next tide sets them
swimming again.

Or just knowing that already I have seen a seed

become a tree
become a log
become a fire
become dust and
become soil for seed's planting.
Or watch the sky and know that the blue is still behind the clouds
and the stars still shine even in the day.
Or simply sit with the slow rhythm of breath knowing its biology as blessing,
its divine anchoring as presence and prayer.
Today, I am so tired I have no space in me for big questions, queries, feelings,
problems, pains, plans, whether mine or others, so I will just sit
with the small ordinary miracles of being; breathing, watching, touching, tasting
the now, and in the now knowing the love from which all that is, is.
I will dwell there, today, in the wonder of it all, in the wildness of
the small ordinary miracles of being.

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