Balanced Mind with Julie Potiker

Balanced Mind with Julie Potiker

Metta Meditation with poem "Your Mind Feels Big Today", by Ying Choon Wu

February 05, 2021

Julie Potiker leads this Metta meditation helping you bring love, compassion, positive energy and kindness to yourself and others. The meditation concludes with a reading of the poem, "Your Mind Feels Big Today", by Ying Choon Wu.


Your Mind Feels Big Today, by Ying Choon Wu

You watch as leaves skate off

on a gust of wind.

When you were five, you galloped—because you were a pony;

because the sun made streaks across the floor; because your legs could bend

and lips could whinny; because your thoughts were always flowing, flying—

tail and mane—through clouds and rainbows as you tied your shoes.

And now you ponder metaphors.

It’s August, and the clouds are fat like jellyfish, or cupolas.

You see distant sky over rust-red hills.

All your life, you’ve felt you’re headed somewhere.

You watch two sycamore leaves turn cartwheels side by side

along the sidewalk.

You still have far to go.


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This meditation is best hear through headphones. Do not drive or work machinery while listening.