Balanced Mind with Julie Potiker

Balanced Mind with Julie Potiker

Rooted in the Earth; Calm, with the poem, Blessing of the Senses, by John O’Donohue

September 15, 2020

In this guided mediation you'll find yourself rooted in the earth, grounded, calm. Julie Potiker completes the meditation with a reading the poem, "Blessing of the Senses", by John O’Donohue.


Blessing of the Senses:

May your body be blessed.
May you realize that your body is a faithful
and beautiful friend of your soul.
And may you be peaceful and joyful
and recognize that your senses
are sacred thresholds.
May you realize that holiness is
mindful, gazing, feeling, hearing, and touching.
May your senses gather you and bring you home.
May your senses always enable you to
celebrate the universe and the mystery
and possibilities in your presence here.
May the Eros of the Earth bless you.


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