Balanced Mind with Julie Potiker

Balanced Mind with Julie Potiker

Guided Visualization Meditation

March 30, 2024

Find a quiet space to sit, relax, and breathe as Julie Potiker transports you through her guided visualization meditation. She completes the meditation with her poem, "Immersed & Transported".

"Immersed & Transported", by Julie Potiker

Soon, I arrive -

a sea of humanity spilling

 into ornate building.

Sunbeams escape my smile

as volunteer scans my ticket,

 the playbill - a treasure map

   clutched to my chest.

Find my row by letter of alphabet,

lay my coat open as burrow,

 sink into faded velvet chair.

House lights down, stage lights up, magic.

All senses heightened – flapping for attention.

Flesh and blood, bones, and muscle

inhabit worlds – words,

meticulously crafted.

Step into another skin,

pour into another soul,

to birth this gift.

This baby is love.

I cradle it, snuggled into my soft nest.

If I’m being truthful,

sometimes I teleport my soul into one character,

or beam into multiple characters.

My feet rest on their feet,

my heart beats in rhythm with their hearts.

Their voice becomes mine.

Escape thoughts of war,

free from earthly problems,

flight from this one precious life.

What could be better?

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