Badass Chicas

Badass Chicas

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S5 - E12: Did someone say Night Stalker? Ft. Anonymous
October 29, 2021

Last episode of Season 5 we get an inside scoop o

S5 - E11: Did someone say chocolate milk? ft. Zoe, Brian, and Chepo
October 25, 2021

This season is only one episode away from the fin

S5 - E10: Did someone say Brujita Market? ft. Gen/The Crystal Brujita
October 22, 2021

We're only two days away from Brujita Market's Oc…

S5 - E9: Did someone say doppelgänger? ft. J. Nyla/Mx. JVN
October 20, 2021

For this episode I get to have a quick phone chat…

S5 - E8: Did someone say boundaries? ft. Xochii
October 19, 2021

Got to talk with Xochii on how she learned she ha…

S5 - E7: Did someone say ghost baby? ft. Amber/Pint Sized Witchery
October 11, 2021

If one sleep paralysis demon wasn't enough, try t…

S5 - E6: Did someone say duende? Ft. Erica/Backyard Brujx
October 08, 2021

On todays episode we talk to the Backyard Brujx t…

S5 - E5: Did someone say horror anthology? ft. Adriana/Lunaria Crystals
October 04, 2021

From family stories passed down from generation t…

S5 - E4: Did someone say Santa Muerte? Ft. Geneva/Junipers Horizon
October 01, 2021

Our next guest talks about how she found her way …

S5 - E3: Did someone say shrunken head? ft. Alex/Mujer de Joyas
September 27, 2021

We start this seasons spooky stories with Alex of…