Backstage @ Upstage

Backstage @ Upstage

What is Exon 20 in Lung Cancer?

May 24, 2022

Listen to caregivers for spouses diagnosed with rare biomarkers


Guests: Marcia Horn, JD. President and CEO at ICAN, International Cancer Advocacy Network and Executive Director, Exon 20 Group;

Caren Suesserman, Care Partner, Spouse, and Patient Advocate, Exon 20 Group; Sandy Kitchner, Care Partner, Spouse and Patient Advocate, Exon 20 Group

In our latest podcast focusing on biomarkers, we talk with Marcia Horn, from ICAN, the International Cancer Advocacy Network, and who serves as executive director of the Exon 20 Group. Previously as part of our podcast series, we’ve discussed the biomarker EGFR and how drug therapies have been developed to directly target this mutation. In this podcast, Marcia discusses rare Exon 20 Insertion Mutations found primarily in Non Small Cell Lung Cancer, but also found in many other cancer types. The problem is, these rare mutations do not respond like classical EGFR mutation to traditional targeted therapies. Also, Non Small Cell Lung Cancer patients can also be diagnosed with a HER2 Exon 20 insertion mutation, and those insertion mutations in fact, comprise around 50% of all HER2 lung cancer mutations.

Our guests, Caren Suesserman and Sandy Kitchner, have both been care partners for spouses who were diagnosed with EXON 20 insertion mutations. They discuss what can be helpful for those caring for loved ones with advanced disease, and how their own experiences have led them to advocate for other Exon 20 Group lung cancer patients.