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Backseat Playlist Podcast

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Episode 12 Mixing Guitars and Bass
March 31, 2022

Adam and Phoenix talk about some of their hacks and workarounds to get more out of the song when you're mixing those stringed things.Listen to our Playlist:Apple Music:

Episode 11: Driving A Pinto With The Wheels Falling Off
March 24, 2022

Adam went to see Phoenix and the rest of the Marzy Maddox gang and all he got was this quote from a sound engineer having a bad day.Listen to our playlists:

Episode 10: Featuring Chef Josh Fidler of Mela Kitchen
March 17, 2022

Adam sits down and nerds out about miscellaneous music and audio topics with Bear Mtn guitarist, Mela Kitchen head chef, AND most importantly Backseat Playlist Podcast's number one fan; Josh Fidler.

Episode 9 Feat: Bob Ranalli of ALL SOUND PRO
March 10, 2022

Phoenix joins Adam at his work, after he programs a console, to sit down with Adam's boss Bob Ranalli of ALL SOUND PRO to talk about audio and whatnot.Listen to our Playlist of the episode:https:

Episode 8:Home Recording Guitars (Blue Collar Audio Edition)
March 02, 2022

Phoenix and Adam talk about recording guitars and emphasize on how finding complimentary guitar tones is key to a successful production.Listen to our favorite guitar tones:Apple Music: https://mus

Episode 7: HOME RECORDING Ready Bass
February 19, 2022

Phoenix takes over this one as he and Adam talk what makes for a successful recording ready bass set up.LISTEN TO OUR PICKS:Apple Music Playlist:

Episode 5: Home Recording Overheads & Rooms ”Blue Collar Audio Edition”
February 03, 2022

Adam and Phoenix talked at length about getting cymbals out of microphones in the last two episodes. So this episode they decided to go at length about how to best go about tracking those big metal fr

Episode 4: Home Recording Toms ”Blue Collar Audio Edition”
January 27, 2022

Adam and Phoenix discuss their approach to home recording toms.Listen to our tom references playlist:Apple Music Playlist:

Episode 3: Home Recording Snare Drums ”Blue Collar Audio Edition”
January 21, 2022

Adam And Phoenix take a deep dive into the opened ended and vast, dark waters, otherwise known as recording snare drums.Listen to our playlists of snare drums we like:Apple Music: https://music.a

Episode 2: Home Recording Kick Drums. ”Blue Collar Audio Edition”
January 14, 2022

Adam and Phoenix discuss their approach of recording kick drums in the home studio environment.Playlist of Our Favorite Kick Drum Sounds:AppleMusic: