Latest Episodes

021: Beast Mode
March 16, 2019

Get hyped for next season! Here is our first look at our next Bachelorette.

020: Fallout
March 16, 2019

Well.....It's over! We Survived! Here is the last recap of Colton's Season. Enjoy!

019: Insert Shower Scene Here
March 08, 2019

Was this the Women Tell All or a Bachelor in Paradise audition roll? We found out who’s Bachelorette campaign was strongest and who is now an ad. Also who is Jane?

018: The Fence
March 07, 2019

It’s here. The moment we have waited for all season long. He’s wearing the suit. He’s wearing the scarf. He’s in the tree house. The fence. Need we say more?

017: Jumping Out Of Planes, Not Over Fences
February 28, 2019

Which hostess had the mostest?? It’s hometowns this week, which means the same conversation happened 4 times. After ice cream, etiquette, sky diving and surfing, we find out whose family is weird and who will still look good at 50. And in the MOST shockin

016: Jumping To Conclusions, Not Fences
February 21, 2019

We’re back in the states this week as the 7 remaining ladies visit Denver - Colton’s hometown! Three one on ones and one group date get us down to the final four women. There are dogs, shoulder pads and trains on this weeks adventure, and we learn that Ha

015: Gooooood Morning VietDRAMA!
February 14, 2019

From Thailand to Vietnam, we’re still in Asia with our favorite white wine bitch Colton! 5 women get dropped like rocks this week, and someone can’t stop talking about shiny things. Your hosts, Grace and Sydney are living for the drama and even sing a lit

014: The One Where Colton Gets Tongue Thai'd
February 06, 2019

This week on Bachenomics...Thailand! Drama! Bickering Women! More Drama! We say goodbye to one of our favorites this week, and Heather gets a job promotion. The episode ended on a cliff hanger, which is throwing Grace's week off. But don't worry, we care

013: The Climax was......Unexpected
January 31, 2019

Week 4 and we're already leaving the country?? Sydney and Grace recap Colton's trip to Singapore with 15 women. In an epic tale featuring jumping from high heights, eating weird food, leeching, fortune telling and powerful stories, the episode doesn't end

012: Drama Queens and Spanking Scenes
January 24, 2019

This episode had it all: pirates, spanking and Terry Crews! Grace and Sydney discuss week 3 of Colton’s journey to find love and all of the “high highs and low lows”...