BA BLOCKS for Business Analysts

BA BLOCKS for Business Analysts

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9: The 4 Ways ChatGPT and AI Will Change Business Analysis
January 11, 2023

Updated: See our latest video: Creating a Requirements Document Using ChatGPT ChatGPT has the potential to completely revolutionize how we do our jobs as business analysts. There will be profound changes coming to our profession in the next few years, an

We’ve Migrated, Please Updated Your Feed To Get The New Episodes
April 06, 2020

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Free BA Fundamentals Course Closes Wed April 8 @ 12:00 PM EST.
April 06, 2020

Watch this episode on YouTube channel: We’ve had an overwhelming response to the BA Fundamentals course that we recently opened for free. Hundreds of our members are now taking the course and asking very good follow-up questi

Our BA Fundamentals Course Is Free Until Further Notice (COVID-19 Support)
March 22, 2020

Watch this episode on YouTube channel: I’ve decided to release our BA Fundamentals course for FREE on March 23rd. This course was originally scheduled for release on March 31st and was planned to be a paid course. Why? Self-is

5: What Do You Want From Your BA Career?
January 30, 2020

The first element of your career strategy is yourself. What do you bring to the table for your current and future potential employer(s), and what is it that you want for your own career? In this episode, we dive into the questions that you should be consi

4: The 3 Elements of Your BA Career Strategy
January 21, 2020

Without a solid career strategy, you’re putting yourself at risk of wasting the time, energy, and money that you put into your career-related actions. The purpose of a career strategy is to give you a clear path to your goal and to help you make sure th

3: Top 3 Sources of Skills for Business Analysts
November 04, 2019

In the last episode, you learned about the top 3 sources of stress that BAs face. In this episode, I focus on the top three sources skills that you should be pursuing to kick your BA career into the fast lane. My goal for this episode is to help you focu

2: Top 3 Sources of Stress for Business Analysts
October 28, 2019

When you first start your BA career, your stress levels are naturally going to be higher because you’re less experienced. Reducing your stress levels should be a key goal you work towards to help you achieve career fulfillment. In this episode, you will

1: How to Create a Fulfilling Business Analysis Career
October 21, 2019

Youre going to spend the majority of your waking hours working at your job. It only makes sense to spend that time doing work that improves the overall quality of your life. Career fulfillment is perhaps the most important subject to consider when thinki

What Knowledge Does a Business Analyst Need ? (lesson 0.1.6)
February 26, 2019

Depending on your BA career strategy, you will need to specialize in either a domain, or a technology, or both. In this lesson you will learn how to decide which is best for you. Visit LEARN.BA and sign up for free to watch the video lesson accompanying t