Socially Awkward with Evan Wecksell

Socially Awkward with Evan Wecksell

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Kristi Slager Salerno – Ep124
May 07, 2021

Kristi Slager initially met Evan at Beverly Hills Playhouse and over a decade later she's on Socially Awkward! Did you know at Notre Dame that Joe Montana was the backup to her dad!? Kristi takes us from driving cross-country to Los Angeles to navigati...

Owen Alabado + Beckett Sage’s Wrestlemania 37 Predictions – Ep123
April 08, 2021

Owen Alabado is an actor, comedian, singer, dancer, martial artist - in other words, a Renaissance man. Hear how this Wisconsin native was drawn to theater, moved to Los Angeles and is currently kicking butt back in Wisconsin.

Orrin Heatlie of RecallGavin2020 – Ep122
March 16, 2021

Orrin Heatlie is the lead proponent of RecallGavin2020​ and, thanks to over 2,000,000 Californians, he is about to be part of only the second recall initiative to qualify in the history of California. How did this get done?

Taryn Kristal – Ep121
February 21, 2021

Taryn Kristal is the founder of The Resolvancy - a divorce strategy and coaching firm, but to Evan she is the girl into whose locker he slipped a Peanuts card in the sixth grade. Now 3o years later, Evan gets her and her boyfriend at the time's reactio...

Cooper Shaw – Ep120
February 17, 2021

Cooper Shaw is an actress in SAG/AFTRA and Actors Equity who first met Evan when he edited her first demo reel in Brooklyn. Now about a decade later they have their first conversation as Cooper has too migrated to Los Angeles.

Ruvane – Ep119
January 26, 2021

Ruvane aka Ruvane Kurland is a full-time musician who has traveled the majority of the country until Covid. In their first conversation, Ruvane and Evan discuss how they became Facebook friends, performing pre and post-Covid and the wonderful world of ...

Andrew Mikkelson – Ep118
January 12, 2021

Andrew Mikkelson plans to leave Facebook at the end of the month so Evan interviews his fellow Theta Chi Fraternity brother before his departure. Andrew talks about life in college at NJIT, how he found his way to the Navy and then to being a field ser...

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley – Ep117
December 24, 2020

Kevin Kiley was reelected to the State Assembly with the highest vote total for a Republican in California history. He is also the only 100 percent citizen-backed California Legislator, refusing all funding from the Special Interests that spent million...

Erica Sandberg – Ep116
December 21, 2020

Erica Sandberg is a standout freelance writer in San Francisco who contributes to 12-15 publications at a time! Having met Evan when she interviewed him during his political run, Erica reconnects to discuss the state of California,

Anthony Zenkus – Ep115
December 10, 2020

Anthony Zenkus is a tireless advocate for the welfare of children, families and communities. Working in the field of family violence, relationship violence, sexual assault and child poverty, he has trained thousands of professionals and community membe...