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At This Point, We're Just Trying Our Best
June 06, 2023

You know when your best friend calls and after an hour of conversation, something comes up i.e., getting an oil change, taking out your braids, studying, etc? What do most of us say? "Girl, let me call you back." Nine times out of ten, there is

There's scamming and then there's scammers
April 19, 2022

Virginia is for lovers as Social Media is for scammers. Thats right, in this episode we get into IT, regarding this recent glorification of scammers. Be it Tinder, Twitter or Tofu (cue Bad Vegan), it seems like the girls cant catch a break. What about s

Uhhh…what is love?: Dating in a digital age
March 01, 2022

Hey yall!! Were back and were better. With our world becoming so interconnected (i.e Love is Blind, or is it? Married at First Sight, Tinder Swindler) what does it mean to be in love? In true Awks fashion were doing a deep dive into all things love: B

Moving On...Out! How to Make a Move with Style and Grace
September 01, 2021

Summer 2021 has come and gone and the girls are back to adulting! What happens when opportunities require that you move from your comfort zone! In this episode we delve into what it means to move and discover yourself in a new land. How many bags can I fi

The Self Series: Friends. No, Not The TV Show
June 10, 2021

Friends, how many of us have them *sings Bianca while Hannah looks on in horror* In this episode your favorite awkward ladies have a conversation about who qualifies as a friend and how that definition and experience has evolved over time. We talk about h

The Streets Are Open! How Does Small Talk Work Again?
May 25, 2021

We all said it this summa, Im going to the streets, the streets are calling my name. Okay, now what? If youre reading this youve been fortunate enough to see Summer 2021 and as much as we think were about to act up and have the time of our lives. Wh

Wait till I get my [degree, money, goals] right: A convo on success
April 20, 2021

I (Bianca) loved Kanyes Graduation album growing up, but just like Kanye, Hannah and I had a verbal reflection on how weve evolved in our definition of success. Who influenced our college majors and career choices? Were we allowed to blossom in our drea

When Self Love is the Goal
March 30, 2021

Body-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody! Talking about our bodies has always been an awkward topic, thats why weve avoided it for so long! In this episode Hannah and Bianca get into the constantly evolving relationships with their bodies, with food, and how to drown o

Bob on Monday, Locs on Tuesday: A commentary on Black Hair
March 16, 2021

Ever hold onto your wig for dear life in a wind tunnel, have a braid betray you in the company of your white friends, or get one too many compliments on your newly straightened hair? Yep, we've all been there. Join Hannah and Bianca as they discuss all th

As Awkward as Ever
March 02, 2021

Back and better? Maybe...but regardless your favorite awkward ladies are back and with a new logo! As awkward as ever, were still getting lost in our thoughts and on the highway, struggling to stay awake on Zoom, parting from old relationships (with our