Awakening with Amy Robeson

Awakening with Amy Robeson

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Episode 35: What is the Lion's Gate Portal, and How to Use It
August 08, 2022

Right now, we're in an auspicious, powerful, and magnificent portal called the Lionsgate Portal. It opened up on July 28 and will be at its peak by August 12. Let’s explore the Lionsgate Portal and ho

Episode 34: Most Underrated Spiritual Practice to Grow Your Intuition
August 04, 2022

We have a sacred gift, and that is intuition. Our intuition is here to support us, to allow us to fold time, and allow us to tap into the infinite possibilities that our soul is here to co-create with

Episode 33: Celebrating Your Wins to Win More
August 01, 2022

Having goals and meeting goals is an essential part of a healthy and productive life. But, are you pausing to celebrate meeting those goals? Celebrating your wins is a sure-fire way to tell the univer

Episode 32 - Why It is Important to Develop Your Intuition
July 28, 2022

Intuition is a muscle you can strengthen by listening to your gut feelings and hunches and paying close attention to how those feelings actually are guiding you on which way to go for your highest goo

Episode 31: How to Stop Your Mind Chatter
July 25, 2022

Our minds are absolutely amazing! The amount of information we keep stored and ready at a moment’s notice is incredible. But sometimes, we could use a little break from the pace of our thoughts and fo

Episode 30: Decluttering to Improve Your Mental Health
July 21, 2022

Clutter, whether it’s physical, mental, or even digital, can create a bottleneck in our flow. This can greatly impact our clarity and mental health, even when we aren’t paying much attention to it. De

Episode 29: 3 Powerful Crystals to Work With This Summer to Help Your Manifesting Efforts
July 18, 2022

Summertime is a great time for rest and relaxation, but also manifestation. Let’s talk about three powerful crystal helpers to work with this sunny season to boost your positivity, energy, and happin

Episode 28: Using Food to Improve Your Mental Health
July 14, 2022

Our bodies are temples and what we put into them affects more than our physical health, it affects our spiritual well-being, as well. We can use foods to nourish all aspects of ourselves, body, mind,

Episode 27: Letting Go of Anger
July 11, 2022

Anger is a normal and healthy human emotion, but it’s also an emotion we need to let go of and release. Letting go of anger isn’t always easy. So let’s talk about how to let go of anger, how to forg

Episode 26: Spiritual Worship Using the 5 Love Languages
July 07, 2022

You may have heard of using the 5 Love Languages to bolster your relationships with the people in your life, but what about God, our Creator? We’ll explore how you can deepen your relationship with Go