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AvTalk - Aviation Podcast

AvTalk Episode 199: One crashed, two came close

January 20, 2023

On this week’s episode of AvTalk, we discuss the crash of Yeti Airlines flight 691, a major safety incident in New York that could have been much worse, and Gabriel Leigh sits down with John Nilsson of Swedavia to learn about what airports are doing to get ready for electric and hydrogen powered aircraft.

Yeti Airlines flight 691 crashes in Pokhara

A Yeti Airlines ATR 72-500 en route from Kathmandu crashed on approach to Pokhara this week. We discuss what we know so far and the status of the investigation.

Delta 1943: Cancel take off clearance!

We unpack what we know about last week’s runway incursion at JFK Airport in New York as AA106 crossed the active runway as DL1943 was on its take off roll.

Delta comes up short in Amsterdam

A Delta A330 touched down well before the runway touchdown zone in Amsterdam.


A Qantas 737 suffered an engine failure. But the real story is how incredibly wrong some publications got the story.


An update on the FAA NOTAM outage.


Lufthansa is ready to move forward with a stand alone bid for ITA Airways, initially planning on a minority stake.

737 MAX back in service with China

China Southern operated the first Chinese 737 MAX flight since March 2019 this week. The MAX is back in China.

How can airports support the future of aviation?

John Nilsson is the strategic manager for electric and hydrogen aircraft at Swedavia, the Swedish airports authority. That puts him at the forefront of creating the airport of the future that can support new types of aircraft. Gabriel Leigh sat down with Nilsson at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport to learn more.

NASA awards sustainable flight demonstrator project to Boeing

NASA has awarded the the sustainable flight demonstrator project to Boeing, contributing $425 million to the development of the Transonic truss-braced wing concept. The concept, which Boeing hopes to fly by the end of the decade with feature longer, thinner wings that traditional aircraft with diagonal supports between the wing and the fuselage.

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