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AvTalk - Aviation Podcast

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AvTalk Episode 257: 30 minutes of bad decisions
March 01, 2024

On this weeks episode of AvTalk, following a highly critical report by a panel of aviation safety experts, the FAA gives Boeing 90 days to explain how its going to get its act together. We review a c

AvTalk Episode 256: A bad day in Belgrade
February 23, 2024

On this weeks episode of AvTalk, a Marathon Airlines E195 operating for Air Serbia strikes the ILS array on departure, rogue ATC on the radio over Somalia, Air Canada fire its chatbot, and updates fr

AvTalk Episode 255: Grounded for the dumbest of reasons
February 16, 2024

On this weeks episode of AvTalk, United Airlines fleet of A321neos is temporarily grounded for the dumbest of reasons. Plus the NTSB comes out swinging at the FAA demanding new rules requiring 25 ho

AvTalk Episode 254: The bolts, they are missing
February 09, 2024

On this episode of AvTalk, we review the NTSBs preliminary report on Alaska Airlines flight 1282, fresh quality issues affecting some 737 MAX, and Finnair gets out the scales to weigh some of its pas

AvTalk Episode 253: Time traveling with Taylor Swift and turtles
February 02, 2024

On this episode of AvTalk, we welcome backThe Air Currents founder and editor Jon Ostrower to pull back from Boeings immediate crisis and take stock of the state of the company. We look at the chal

AvTalk Episode 252: Let’s inspect more 737s
January 26, 2024

On this weeks episode of AvTalk, a bit of a different kind of episode to start. And then its onto more Boeing 737 inspections, angry airlines, and a perfectly executed emergency landing. This episode

AvTalk Episode 251: 737-9 MAX inspections and investigations
January 19, 2024

On this episode of AvTalk, we take a deep look at the actions by the FAA, airlines, and Boeing in the wake of the accident involving Alaska Airlines flight 1282. Working through the time line of state

AvTalk Episode 250: Alaska Airlines flight 1282
January 11, 2024

On this episode of AvTalk, Ian and Jason are joined by Nomadic Aviation Groups Steve Giordano to discuss the Alaska Airlines flight 1282 accident. We break down what we know so far about the explosiv

AvTalk Episode 249: Japan Airlines flight 516
January 05, 2024

On this episode of AvTalk, we explore what we know so far about the collision between Japan Airlines flight JL516 and a Japan Coast Guard aircraft in Tokyo on 2 January. We spend time laying out the f

AvTalk Episode 248: Our favorite conversations of 2023
December 29, 2023

As we close out the year we look back on our a few of our favorite AvTalk conversations from 2023. There were many great ones to choose from, so visit our archive to hear them all. Weve picked out a