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Avery Adventures

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Defensive Edge
January 28, 2020

Shawn Carlock owner of Defensive Edge was into long-range hunting long before it was cool. We cover lots of topics from the 338 Edge to his +P throat design on the ballistic side to the LRKM and his new MPH Chassis on the rifle side - www.

Unknown Munitions
January 15, 2020

I sat down with Jake from Unknown Munitions. They are a company that makes top-quality loaded ammo to your specifications - Unknownmunitions.com

Jim Hoffman From Hoffman Boots
November 11, 2019

Today we sit down with Jim Hoffman of Hoffman Boots and talk about the history of the company, new products coming out and answer questions from the Rokslide forums. To learn more about Hoffman boots, check out their website: www.hoffmanboots.com -  

Avery Adventures with Dioni Amuchastegui
July 17, 2019

  - We sit down with Dioni and talk luck vs. putting the time in, Mule deer tactics and carving out time to scout when family obligations have increased. - Show Notes & Product Links: - No products mentioned in this podcast. - Find us at: -

#60 Pack Goats with Marc Warnke
April 05, 2019

Pack Goats are getting more popular in the backcountry. Marc comes on to answer our questions about these little mighty mites. - Pack Goats - Top End Adventures - Avery Adventures 

#59 Ryan Lampers
March 19, 2019

Check out our YouTube Live recording with Ryan Lampers from Hunt, Harvest, Health. We chat about CBD, moving to Montana, dehydrating food for hunting and Ryan's 2019 hunting season.  Join us every Wednesday for our Live YouTube podcasts!

#58 Jeff Brozovich from Long Range Only
March 12, 2019

We talk long range hunting and shooting with Jeff. - Longrangeonly.com - Rokslide.com - AveryAdventures.com

#57 Robby Denning Tagging Big Mule Deer
February 26, 2019

Robby Denning's seminar at the Western Hunt Expo 2019. Tagging big mule deer the where and the how. - Show Notes & Product Links: - Provided for your convenience are links to the products discussed in this podcast.  Some links are affiliate links.

#56 Question & Answer With Ryan & Tanya
February 15, 2019

We get a lot of questions in person and in email and social media form.  In an effort to answer as many as possible, we decided to do question and answer podcast to cover all the questions we receive.  We will do 1-2 Q&A podcasts a month depending on h...

#55 with Jim Carr
January 31, 2019

Today we chat with Jim Carr from 'WeScout4U.com' Jim discusses how he got into the hunting industry, his scouting technics, raising the next generation of hunters and the gear he uses. - Show Notes & Product Links: -