Automation News Roundup

Automation News Roundup

News for March 1, 2023 (N042)

March 01, 2023

Daily Industrial Automation News and Tips:
Today we're covering news about AI, Light Curtains, Next Gen Wireless and Encoders, Ignition Cloud,  SuperTrack, Flex5000, Scalance switches and more in our Automation This Morning blog for Wednesday, March 1, 2023.
First up we have a press release from Rockwell Automation here announcing an update to their line of Branch Motor Control Protection devices.

Next we have another press release, this one from Yokogawa here detailing their new Autonomous Control A.I.

Over on the Banner Engineering site here we have a new Light Curtain series, the S4B, with 30mm spacing and lengths from 300 to 1800mm.

On the MOXA website here we find a new product line announcement about their next generation of industrial wireless devices.

And Inductive has a new article here on their soon to be released Ignition Cloud product.

As far as application stories, the first one today is from Rockwell Automation here that covers a recent upgrade to the control systems at Chicago Heights Steel.

The second here is from B&R about a recent installation of their SuperTrak system.

In our product spotlight today is The Automation School's CompactLogix Course, Compact Basics, designed for users with some PLC experience who want to learn how to use, program, and troubleshoot the CompactLogix line of PACs. To learn more, click here.

In our Digital Newsstand section we have two new newsletters today. The first is from Posital here and starts out with a detailed look at their next generation of Encoders.

Also new today is the second issue of Automation Direct's 2023 newsletter here which covers multiple subjects and includes links to a series of free, well written ebooks.

As far as downloads, today our search found a new update from Idec here of version 4.04.01 of their Automation Organizer suite of software for programming their PLC and HMI products.

In our "pub crawl" today we found several new publications of note. Rockwell Flex 5000 users may be interested in the first one here which is an updated manual for the IJ Frequency modules.

They may also find the second publication here of interest as it's includes specifications and wiring diagrams for Flex5000 I/O modules.

Over on the Siemens site here we have a new manual here on using the Command Line Interface with Scalance Lever 2 switches.

Also new today here is an updated manual on using Web Based Management with the Scalance Lever 2 switches.

As far as new events go, today we're highlighting a series of upcoming free webinars here from Endress+Hauser that cover such popular topics like Ethernet/IP, Profinet, IOLink, and Hart.

In upcoming content, this afternoon we'll be releasing Episode 143 of The Automation Podcast with special guest David Peterson of who shares his experience using Industrial Arduino and Pi systems as PLCs.

And in our question of the day we share our thoughts on a user's question on how to update the program of a remotely located CompactLogix that does not have remote access.

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