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The Authenticity Show

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E103 Transformative Themes w/ Dr. Paul Leslie
August 11, 2021

Dr. Paul Leslie is a therapist, educator, and international trainer, with extensive experience in creative, resource-directed approaches to working with clients.  He’s also an author who writes in the

E102 Ben Cardall – The Deductionist
July 07, 2021

Ben Cardall, “The Deductionist,” strives to be the real-life Sherlock Holmes.  He’s a stage magician and mentalist, and also the director of a security company that works with the police to help them

E101 Relationships
June 18, 2021

This episode is about relationships.  How do you know when someone is right for you?  How do you know when they’re not right for you?  What are some criteria you can use to make good decisions about t

E100 Death
June 02, 2021

Our 100th episode is about Death.  Death is a fact of life.  Death is inevitable, as far as we know.  In this episode, Carlos and Satch share thoughts and feelings about death, various cultural and re

E99 The Secret of Happiness
April 30, 2021

This is a nice short little episode where Satch reveals the secret of happiness:  Allow things to be what they are.  Allow yourself to be what you are.  It sounds simple; it is simple. Connect: YouTub

E98 Oliver Althoen – Drowning in Music
April 11, 2021

  Oliver Althoen is the producer of the Authenticity Show, and an independent creative musician.  He has a new album out, called Last Night I Dreamt I Was Drowning.  In this episode Oliver talks about

E97 Genius Mapping with Jonathan Altfeld
March 15, 2021

Since 1997, after a successful career in AI (artificial intelligence), Jonathan Altfeld has been offering unique and innovative NLP-based workshops around the globe.  One of the many things he does is

E96 Alain Nu: The Man Who Knows
March 02, 2021

Alain Nu is a mentalist, illusionist, television personality, author, and speaker.  He is known for demonstrations of ESP, mind reading, telekinesis, metal bending, and illusions. He is the author of

E95 Everyday Philosophy
February 16, 2021

This episode is a casual philosophical conversation about many things, including ties as an evil sadistic fashion accessory, the virtues of fresh citrus in a cocktail, the simple pleasure of experienc

E94 Tibetan Mahamudra w/ David Mayen
February 03, 2021

We had David Mayen as a guest back in episode 92; this is more from that conversation.  This episode is about Mahamudra, which is a type of Tibetan Buddhism expounded by Chögyam Trungpa.  We talk abou