The Authenticity Show

The Authenticity Show

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E74 The Poetry Episode
April 01, 2020

This episode is devoted to poetry, specifically, original poetry written by Carlos and Satch. This one is authentic as it gets as they share several pieces each they’ve written from the heart, and talk about the meaning or inspiration behind them.

E73 The Year of Loving Discipline
March 16, 2020

In this episode, Carlos and Satch have a conversation about discipline, and ways they’ve developed it in their lives such as learning patience, how to fish, break-dancing, and martial arts. They also talk about the sometimes fraught relationship betwee...

E72 Head, Heart, and Gut
March 01, 2020

This episode is loosely about epistemology, or how we know what we know. Carlos and Satch discuss the difference between inspiration and delusion, and ways to discern if the universe is trying to reveal something to you or whether ego may be running th...

E71 Developing Compassion
February 16, 2020

Though this episode is shorter than most, it is big on wisdom as it relates to compassion, ways to develop it, and how to practice it in relationships. #compassion #relationships #emotionalmastery Connect: YouTube:

E70 Authentic Leadership
February 01, 2020

Carlos and Satch take a wonderfully deep dive into the topic of leadership, discussing its various styles and motivations, exploring many research examples and leadership lessons from nature. They also share stories of their own leadership experience a...

E69 Sacred Deceptions Revisited
January 15, 2020

“Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.” -Pablo Picasso The team recently got together to talk about the show, and began reflecting on some of our favorite episodes. So we decided to re-release one of them we all agreed was quite special....

E68 What is “The Field?” w/Vlado Ilić & Ivan Polić
January 02, 2020

In our first episode of 2020 (Happy New Year!), we have the return of Vlado Ilić and Ivan Polić to our microphones for more conversation about their work with Family Constellations. Join us as we dive into even deeper and often humorous discussion of f...

E67 Loving Yourself First w/Rafael Lopez & Sammi Tucker
December 15, 2019

In this episode, we’re sharing and intimate conversation with a couple of our closest friends, Rafael Lopez and Sammi Tucker, about their journey into love and how it all began with self-love. Along with the concept of “loving yourself first,

E66 On Being, Doing, and Surrender
December 01, 2019

This episode is yet another example of a beautiful conversation between lifelong friends that just sort of happened organically. Satch and Carlos talk about states of being, states of mind, various perspectives on being versus doing, and… mushrooms.

E65 Movies That Moved Us
November 16, 2019

When you think of movies that have had a significant impact on you, which ones come to mind? In this episode, Carlos and Satch talk about just that and share their thoughts and lessons learned from movies that moved them,