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Episode 13: Why Read Economic Theory?
April 17, 2019

C.Jay discusses a recent article on the importance of understanding economic theory and of using the true economic ideas for the promotion and defense of liberty. Civilization depends on it.

Episode 12: The Memification of Hoppe
April 17, 2019

C.Jay joins Pete Raymond on the Free Man Beyond the Wall podcast to discuss C.Jay's recent article on Hans Hoppe and the importance of taking him seriously. Thanks to Pete for hosting this and letting us use the audio!

Episode 11: Shawn Ritenour on Causal-Realism​
April 02, 2019

Shaun Ritenour joins C.Jay to discuss the Austrian tradition of causal-realism and the evergreen importance of approaching economic problems via the implications of human action.

Episode 10: Against the Medical Narratives
March 29, 2019

Bretigne Shaffer and Jeremy Hammond talk with C.Jay about medical freedom, media propaganda, and the importance of skepticism and dissent in light of the social push for vaccinations across the United States.

Episode 9: MMT Through the Eyes of a Socialist
March 20, 2019

In this episode, we talk with Bob Murphy about a recent essay in Jacobin Magazine by Doug Henwood entitled Modern Monetary Theory Isn’t Helping. The essay offers a criticism of MMT from a socialist perspective and includes a helpful discussion about the b

Episode 8: Defining Socialism and Democratic Socialism
March 13, 2019

In this episode, we review the meaning of socialism and describe its historical definition and compare it with the message that is being pushed by the contemporary trend of so-called democratic socialism.

Episode 7: The Invisible Hand and the Austrian School
March 07, 2019

On the contribution of the Austrian School that clarified the component of the market process that guided resources across the stages of production in a rational and productive way.

Episode 6: Against Marx's Exploitation Theory
February 27, 2019

An overview of the Marxian theory of the capitalist as exploiter and how Bohm-Bawerk dismantled the Exploitation Theory by leveraging Mengerian subjective theory of value.

Episode 4: Conservatism and Libertarianism?
February 24, 2019

Recently, Ben Lewis was on the Tom Woods show to talk about his essay on the thought of Frank Meyer. Specifically, Ben and Tom interact with the struggle that the traditionalist conservatives faced in relating their thought to the rising individualist-lib

Episode 2 The Conservative Approach to War
February 14, 2019

Ben Lewis and C.Jay get into the conservative case against war and help offer some guidance to those libertarians who interact with people on the right. Many on the right are completely perplexed, today, about the very idea of being even hesitant toward w