Rev Jason Vause

Rev Jason Vause

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He is waiting for you!!!
October 13, 2022

Very energetic and passionate plea for those of faith to walk through Samaria and to reach out to do what Jesus's had done and reach out to a mixed up world.

Hold the Line
February 21, 2022

From a World war 2, Military research on Mind warfare to Chemical and spiritual Temptation. Propaganda of soul destroying warfare has many facets where we must Hold the Line

Thoughts of betrayal and the fork in the road
February 21, 2021

Brother Jason Vause shares a word spoken during the worship at Gracepoint Tweed Heads. Jason didn't share the message he had prepared called "Come get Some" with an injured hand and an error in his tablet used for preaching, Jason spoke of what the Lord w

4 Keys to unlock the Kingdom principals to obtain God's favor
July 27, 2020

Have you ever thought your prayers are bouncing off a glass ceiling? In this podcast while brother Jason was in Townsville Australia shares a brief look at 4 keys to understand Kingdom principals to obtain God's favor and to make sure we unlock and open t

Salvation By Water
May 15, 2020

In the last episode Titled Step Out, Step In and Step Up you were encourage to seek God and evaluate your life and Step Out of the Sinful lifestyle or Areas in your Life that has you in Bondage. In this episode Titled "Salvation By Water" we take a look a

Step Out, Step Up and Step In
May 03, 2020

Some time its not until we fall on hard times that we are motivated to do something about it, let alone have the correct path to freedom. Brother Jason will encourage you not only to make that change but also seek to better know your source of Salvation a

Hang on to the Cross!!
April 21, 2019

This Passover as remember the death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we also remember the importance of the sacrifice that Jesus did to finish what was started with the fall of Man Jason vause encourages us to hang onto our Cross to be an example

The Lion, the Prayers & The Wardrobe
March 24, 2019

Battles are won and lost in the physical world and spiritual world by the Intercession or lack thereof by the saints.

March 18, 2019

Brothers Luke's encouragement on our identity and who we are

March 03, 2019

Two men face the same fate and head to the same place for their salvation, what is their fate, which one truly has their BODY ON THE LINE.