AUSA’s Army Matters Podcast

AUSA’s Army Matters Podcast

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The Importance of the Bataan Death March
April 24, 2024

As a child, MG (Ret.) Antonio Taguba knew his father had been involved in the Bataan Death March but it wasnt until the older mans dying days that General Taguba learned the full extent of it. Tha

Sisterhood of the Traveling Gowns
April 10, 2024

In 2015, five Army spouses at Fort Bliss decided to organize a dress swap that would provide women with gowns they could wear to functions that were often cost prohibitive, like military balls. That s

Winning A War Against Bipolar Disorder - One General's Story
March 27, 2024

MG (Ret.) Gregg Martin had a distinguished career, serving in various deployments and eventually heading the National Defense University. But, over the course of that career, he slowly started to deve

From Army Brat to SMA
March 13, 2024

After a career undertaking secretive operations in the Special Forces, in August of 2023, SMA Michael Weimer was sworn into his new position and took his turn in the spotlight as Sergeant Major of the

Is There an Army Doctor in the House?
February 28, 2024

LTG Telita Crosland decided at the age of five she was going to be a doctor, and her later studies at West Point became her first official step into the field. Her thirty-year Army career has involved

What Do Batman and Ruben Rivers Have in Common?
February 14, 2024

Comic book writer Chuck Dixon has produced more issues of comic books than any other living author today, most notably telling the stories of superheroes Batman, Robin, The Punisher and John Rambo. Bu

The Man Who Died Six Times—and Then Became a Superbowl Champion
January 31, 2024

COL (Ret.) Greg Gadson originally attended West Point to play football, but quickly realized he wanted to be a Soldier for Life, and he was commissioned upon his graduation in 1989. His 25-year milita

How a Bus Crash Improved the Lives of Countless Veterans
January 17, 2024

While stationed in Germany in 1980, Dr. Rory Cooper was hit by a bus and paralyzed from the waist down. Responding to his condition, he decided he would devote his life to helping veterans and disable

Can Uncle Sam Become a Gen Z Hero?
January 03, 2024

Matthew Weiss had a successful business career but wanted more, so he gave it all up to join the Marines. Curious as to why so few of his Gen Z cohorts were doing the same, he did some research for a

Get Inspired by Army Matters
December 27, 2023

AUSA's Army Matters podcast amplifies the voices of the Total Army one story at a time. Join hosts LTG (Ret.) Leslie C. Smith and SMA (Ret.) Dan Dailey every other Wednesday as they interview the