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The Augsburg Podcast

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Barclay Bates: Lessons in Leadership
April 27, 2020

Barclay Bates '18 former intern (now employee) at Midco, has learned what separates leaders from managers. His mentors in athletics, Augsburg economics, and Midco’s upper leadership have taught him many critical lessons that he pays forward every day.

Hannah Dyson: Putting the "Story" in "History"
April 20, 2020

Hannah Dyson discovered a remarkable overlap in her theatre and history interests when interning at the MN Historical Society. Hannah developed a passion for storytelling that connects past and present through story writing for MNopedia.

Bjorn Melin: Discoveries in Data
April 03, 2020

Bjorn Melin, intern at Cteq Data Consultants and 3M, is proof that drive and work ethic really do make a difference. Bjorn’s is a story spanning math faculty all the way up to corporate CEOs. He credits his education to both.

Miracle Adebanjo: The Gift of Giving
March 26, 2020

Miracle Adebanjo, weathered a challenges of homelessness, culture clash, and lack of structure. But business, social work, and internship opportunities introduced Miracle to friends and mentors at Augsburg and beyond who ignited his passion.

Oliva House: The Art of Activism
March 19, 2020

Olivia House, intern at Wingnut Advertising (via Brand Lab), uses design to advance the causes of justice and activism.

Ethan Quezada: A Calling to Service
March 12, 2020

Ethan Quezada, 1st year class president and intern with Senator Tina Smith, tells a story of purpose and belonging. At Augsburg, he found a path of self-actualization culminating in discoveries of self-confidence, hope, and service to his community.

Exploring Student Vocations: Season 3 Trailer
March 04, 2020

This season of The Augsburg Podcast will explore the journeys of six Augsburg students on their way to discovering their vocation and calling.

Lamont Slater: Decolonizing the Mind
September 19, 2019

Lamont Slater, instructor and program coordinator for the Center for Global Education and Experience, discusses the perspective-altering value of study abroad programming — and how it changed his own life as well as the lives of current students.

Stacy Freiheit: Applied Psychology
September 05, 2019

Stacy Freiheit, Associate Professor of Psychology, trains the next generation of mental health care providers to be inquisitive researchers, sensitive observers, and keen auditors of evidence-based practice.

Sarah Degner Riveros: Language for Life
August 21, 2019

For Sarah Degner Riveros, Lecturer in Spanish, languages are inseparable from their history, community, and culture. In this discussion, we explore many ways the teaching and learning of Spanish opens doorways to a wider world and into the deeper self.