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ADHD: What We Can Learn from Systems Engineers, Applied, Part 2
March 29, 2023

Got ADHD? Struggle with building systems and organization? Listen as Jeff and Zac Copper discuss applying a systems engineering mindset to ADHD problem solving.

ADHD: What We Can Learn from Systems Engineers, Part 1
March 22, 2023

Got ADHD? Often, those with ADHD approach organization with an emotional trial-and-error mindset. Learn how to shift your mindset towards looking at things in a

ADHD Problem-Solving: Lost in Translation
March 15, 2023

Got ADHD? Drowning in a sea of strategies? Listen as ADHD Coach Jeff Copper and Dr. Matthew Zakreski discuss ADHD and problem solving.

ADHD: Facing the Hard Truths
March 08, 2023

Got ADHD? Are you struggling, despite reading all the books and seemingly trying everything? Listen as ADHD coach Jeff Copper discusses the issue of underlying

What Parents Need to Know About ADHD Kids
March 01, 2023

Are you a parent of a complex kid? Listen to ADHD coaches Jeff Copper and Elaine Taylor-Klaus of Impact Parents as they share valuable insights on parenting chi

ADHD and the Long-Term Impact of Stimulants
February 22, 2023

Got ADHD? Concerned about the long-term impact of taking stimulants to manage it? Listen to ADHD coach Jeff Copper and Dr. Andrew Cutler as they dissect this is

ADHD and Fighting the Wrong Fight
February 15, 2023

Got ADHD? Feeling shame about it? Maybe youre fighting the wrong fight. Listen as ADHD coach Jeff Copper talks to ADHD expert Laura MacNiven about facing ADHD

ADHD: The Intersection of Mindfulness, Self-awareness and Activation
February 08, 2023

Got ADHD? Struggling to get things done? Want to be more productive? Listen as Jeff Copper talks with ADHD coach Casey Dixon about the practice of mindfulness

ADHD, Trauma, PTSD, and Anxiety: The Basics and Overlaps
February 01, 2023

Got ADHD? Had trauma in your life? Listen as ADHD coach Jeff Copper interviews Army psychologist Dr. Brandi Walker about the relationships between anxiety, trau

ADHD and Resolutions: An Understanding of Executive Function
January 25, 2023

Got ADHD? Have a hard time executing your intentions and keeping resolutions? Listen as ADHD coach Jeff Copper discusses the driving force behind successful res