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ADHD: Falling Out of Trust
April 24, 2024

It's common for people to fall out of trust. The question is what do you do when it happens? Listen as coaches Jeff Copper and Elaine Taylor-Klaus talk about it

ADHD and Supporting Your Kids When You're Gone
April 17, 2024

Do you worry about the future of your ADHD kid when you're gone? Jeff Copper and author James Lange discuss Jims book that helps parents of complex kids with f

You Are Not ADHD; You Have ADHD
April 10, 2024

Got ADHD? its convenient for society to pop on a label so they can generalize it. Jeff Copper and Dr. Kirsten Milliken discuss the advantages and disadvantages

ADHD and Managing a Neurodivergent Household
April 03, 2024

Got ADHD? Struggling to manage a neurodivergent household? ADHD coach Brooke Schnittman shares her insights about the reality and challenges of maintaining such

Using ADHD as an Excuse: Its Pitfalls
March 27, 2024

Do you feel like you havent been dealt a good deck of cards because of your ADHD diagnosis? Listen as Jeff Copper and Elaine Taylor-Klaus discuss owning your d

ADHD: Organizing Mental Clutter
March 20, 2024

Got ADHD? Its commonly known that those with ADHD have cognition challenges, especially with organization. Leslie Josel shares tips and strategies for organizi

ADHD: The Power of Community
March 13, 2024

Got ADHD? Are you in search of a tribe to connect with? Listen as ADHD coach Jeff Copper talks with Ren Brooks about the power of a support network.

ADHD and Thinking: Important Insights
March 06, 2024

In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, ADHD coach Jeff Copper discusses ADHD as a thinking impairment and provides insight about the mindset necessary to move

ADHD: Asking for Help
February 28, 2024

Got ADHD? Do you struggle with asking for help? Listen as ADHD coach Jeff Copper and complex parent coach Elaine Taylor-Klaus talk about the nature of help.

ADHD: Looking for a Long-Term Relationship?
February 21, 2024

Got ADHD and navigating the dating scene? ADHD marriage consultant Melissa Orlov talks about things to consider when looking for a serious relationship and what