The Secrets of Product Management Podcast

The Secrets of Product Management Podcast

The Product Management-Product Marketing Interface

February 19, 2020

I saw a friend the other night at a concert. (His young kids were both performing solo songs at a coffeehouse – it’s kind of a precocious family – they were great!). He recently moved from product management to product marketing. His current project is to pull together a go-to-market plan for his product. At the moment, in his words, he is “Waiting for product management to tell me what I need to know.”

This is one of the downsides of being the locus of all this product communication – people are always waiting on us product managers.

But it started me thinking about how we might make this as easy on ourselves – and as easy on our teammates in product marketing – as possible.

In this episode, I talk about what go-to-market really means. The “what?” and “why?” of the situation. And then I give one idea for how you might be able to work with your product marketing manager to “tell them what they need to know” in a relatively painless way.

On Product Knowledge and Go-to-Market

In the episode I mention a number of articles and podcasts on this topic of “product knowledge” for go to market, and here are some of them:

* Sales Team Missing Quota? It’s Not Their Fault – This article is the jumping off point for a bunch of related information about how to help your sales and marketing teams succeed. * A podcast version of the article above and some of its sequels, in two parts: Sales Not Making Quota? It’s Probably Your Fault – Part 1, and Sales Not Making Quota? It’s Probably Your Fault – Part 2* How To Elicit, Structure, and Use Customer Success Stories podcast episode* My customer stories cheatsheet – how to tell better customers stories, and the questions you need to ask to get the good stuff.* An article on objection handling and how to prepare your sales team with the appropriate stories and guidance: The Secrets of Highly Successful Sales People: Objection Handling

Other Good Links

* April Dunford’s great book Obviously Awesome (Amazon link) and her site. You can find a lot more of her content on positioning effectively, including talks and articles.* And since we’re talking about positioning, I must recommend one of the original books on the topic, Positioning: The Battle For Your Mind, by Al Ries and Jack Trout.* Project Product Conference: Check out the Project Product conference, and if you’d like to register, use discount code “SPKRFRIEND20”. It runs March 10-11 in Indianapolis, Indiana.* Workshop: You can sign up for my workshop on mastering presentation and influence skills for product managers and product marketers in Indianapolis on March 11, following the Project Product conference.

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