The Secrets of Product Management Podcast

The Secrets of Product Management Podcast

The “Product Management” Books I Recommend

October 07, 2019

In this episode I discuss ten books that I think provide a lot of value for product managers, but are not “about” product management per se. You can find links to most of these books on my Recommended Reading page.

To save you a click, though, here are all the books mentioned. (Note: Some of these are affiliate links so I might make a few pennies if you end up buying through these links. No additional cost to you, of course. Thanks in advance!)

* Badass, by Kathy Sierra. (And here’s her great video from the 2014 Business of Software Conference.)* Jump Start Your Business Brain, by Doug Hall. (My article about The 3 Laws of Marketing Physics.)* Decisive, Chip and Dan Heath* Flash Foresight, Daniel Burrus* The Invisible Gorilla, by Christopher Chabris* Thinking Fast and Slow, by Daniel Kahneman* Lean Startup, Eric Reis* Innovation Options interview on this podcast with David Binetti, and the Innovation Options website* Drive, by Dan Pink. (I used his concept of Motivation 3.0 and the drivers Mastery, Autonomy, and Purpose in this article about my V.A.L.U.A.B.L.E. requirements template.) * The Inmates Are Running The Asylum, by Alan Cooper. I have a few posts and a video about the “personal goals” concept from this book. * Crossing The Chasm, by Geoffrey Moore* Marketing High Technology, William Davidow* How To Measure Anything, Douglas W. Hubbard


* I didn’t mention it in the list of books I recommend in the episode, but my book, The Secret Product Manager Handbook, is full of great information and tools for product management you won’t find anywhere else.* Struggling with “communication skills?” – then watch “How To 10x Your Business Presentation in 1 Hour – No Design Skills Needed” * Some other lists of recommended product management books: A list from The PM Library; Kyle Evans’ Top 5 Reads for Product Managers; a giant list of links to books, articles, and resources for product managers.

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