Atlanta Warhammer - A (mostly) Age of Sigmar Podcast!

Atlanta Warhammer - A (mostly) Age of Sigmar Podcast!

Latest Episodes

S02E24 – Even More Stimulated
March 28, 2021

This episode, the gang challenged themselves to try and spend all of their Biden Bucks ($1,400) on ONE Age of Sigmar army! As they found out, it was actually a lot harder than they thought. They begin the episode talking about Vampires,

S02E23 – Waaagh, etc.
March 11, 2021

Left unsupervised, Josh and Zack talk about their favorite Destruction army, the Orruk Warclans. How to get started with either the Bonesplitterz or the Ironjawz, some list ideas, and just general rambling about how cool orruks are.

S02E22 – Table Manners
February 26, 2021

Today the gang sits down to talk about how to be a good opponent, community member, and overall just decent human being when playing Age of Sigmar. Before game etiquette! Body odor! Haiku! Don Bluth movies! This one is weird for sure.

S02E21 – Luminous Beings Are We
February 11, 2021

This right, we’re talking about the Lumineth Realm Lords! Unfortunately the usual gang is clueless on these light aelves, so thankfully we’ve roped in local Lumineth expert McKenzie to tell us all about the lore, how to get started,

S02E20 – Bottoms Up, Tops Off!
January 30, 2021

We made it to 2021 everyone! Lets celebrate the new year by talking about what we loved (and loved a lot less) from ol’ G-dubs in 2020. The gang also swoons over all the new vampire models and a bunch of cartoon characters.

S01E19 – Son of a Behemat
December 24, 2020

This episode the gang is joined by resident gargant expert Eric, who’s here to tell us how this faction works and just how many foot jokes they can make. They also debate which AoS faction is probably the most delicious meal (spoiler: it isn’t Nurgle)....

S01E18 – Morathi is Just the Worst
December 02, 2020

The show is old enough to vote and buy a gun! This episode the gang is talking about the new(ish) book Broken Realms: Morathi, and diving into all the sneaky plans of said snake-lady. Spoiler alert: she’s just terrible.

S01E17 – GTC and The Art of Flying Dinosaurs
November 05, 2020

The gang is back to talk about the GTC, with special guest Cody! Join us for recaps, final thoughts, and a very serious discussion about Sun Tzu’s influence on the Warhammer meta.  If you’re looking for the results and lists, check out this post on Atlant

S01E16 – GTC List Talk!
October 15, 2020

There’s a big tournament in a few days, taking place right here in Georgia: The Giga Bites Team Championship! Join the usual gang and special guest Kai (he’s running the GTC) as we talk about all the lists, make terrible predictions,

S01E15 – Tournament Talk
September 15, 2020

It’s tournament time! Unfortunately none of the ATLWAR crew could make it to this one (thanks, national pandemic), but luckily we have a special guest who did! We’re joined by the immensely popular John Galvin,