De-brief with Pat Hardy

De-brief with Pat Hardy

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Emergent Series, Finale - Analysis + Predictions
March 22, 2022

In this final episode of our inaugural Emergent Series, host Pat Hardy shares takeaways, analysis and his predictions for the future of NFTs, Cryptocurrency and Social Media and where they intersect.  

Emergent Series, EP3 - Ever-changing Social Media Landscape with Amari McFadden
March 22, 2022

In this 3rd installment of the Emergent Series we welcome in Amari McFadden of Meta to talk the past, present and future of social media.

Emergent Series, EP2 - Cryptocurrency with Josh Daghir
March 22, 2022

In this second episode of our Emergent Series we talk to R/GA Venture's Josh Daghir about Cryptocurrency

Emergent Series, EP1 - NFTs with Alex Manfredi
March 22, 2022

In this episode we chat with Alex Manfredi of R/GA about all things NFTs 

Episode 1 - Intro + Emergent Series
March 22, 2022

In this episode we introduce the podcast, the host, and give an overview of the topics covered in the "Emergent" Series

[ 12 ] - Wine Windows
March 06, 2021

In this episode Pat Hardy talks Instagram's accidental Like-less test, Italy's Wine Windows, Monogram's Out of Home truth telling campaign & sustainability tactic. 

[ 11 ] - New Direction? + Twitter Paywall + Paper thin solidarity
February 27, 2021

In this episode of Daysixteen Pat Hardy discusses the gap in episodes, a possible new direction for the show & touches on some advertising news and notes. 

[ 10 ] - Ethan Kern
February 06, 2021

In this episode Pat Hardy is joined by Ethan Kern.  They talk Jeff Bezos stepping down as CEO of Amazon, yay or nay on Digital Health Passports, and the Avion/Delion. Haig Club SB Ad Collab

[ 9 ] Super Bowl Bust? , Parler is back, Kamala Harris Slander
January 23, 2021

In this week's episode Pat touches on the lack of usual ad spend on this years Super Bowl, how Parler has risen from the dead and addresses the heavy amount of Kamala Harris slander on social media. 

[ 8 ] Doug Parton
January 15, 2021

In this episode Pat Hardy chats with Doug Parton, Head of Talent and Human Resources at Partners + Napier. The two dive into Doug's journey, the advertising industry perception versus reality, his talent philosophy as well as Advertising impact in Diversi