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How to Select the Best Trees for Your Yard
September 30, 2020

Because they can live for decades (or centuries in some cases), it's important to choose the right tree for your landscape. Here's how to select the best trees for your zone and site.

7 Cancer-Fighting Foods to Start Eating More of Today
September 29, 2020

Cancer is our country’s second leading cause of death (after heart disease), yet about 40% of cancers are said to be preventable. So, how can you lower your odds? The experts weigh in on what foods can make a difference in your diet.

Your Car Is Even Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat—Here's How to Disinfect It
September 28, 2020

Vehicles harbor a surprising amount of germs and bacteria, but tackling the contamination is easier than you might think.

How to Grow Mums in Containers And Keep Them Looking Their Best All Season Long
September 25, 2020

These fall-blooming perennials can help brighten up your porch pots as the weather turns cooler. Plus, you can overwinter them indoors if you want to add your potted mums to your garden in spring.

3 Easy Steps to Take to Keep Your Pets Safe in an Emergency
September 24, 2020

Planning ahead is the key to protecting your furry friend.

Is It Safe to Go To Trick-or-Treating? An Expert Weighs In
September 23, 2020

Here’s why this doctor (and mom of three) is keeping her family home this Halloween.

The Biggest Mistake People Make When Preparing a Cup of Tea
September 22, 2020

Hint: How you heat the water could impact the flavor and quality of your mug of tea.

Is it Safe to Visit an Apple Orchard This Fall? Here’s What Health Experts Say
September 21, 2020

Many family fall traditions are going to look a lot different this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. We tapped two health pros to answer if it’s safe to visit an apple orchard this season, plus how to stay safe if the answer is, “keep calm and pick on

Here Are the 4 Coziest Fall Home Trends, According to Designers
September 18, 2020

Pumpkin decor and plaid prints aren't the only ways to dress your home for autumn. These trendy fall ideas give an unexpected update to seasonal decor.

Care Package Ideas That Will Make Any College Student Feel Loved
September 17, 2020

Brighten the day of any student in your life with a fabulous care package.