aaron says what

aaron says what

Backpack Studios #Podcast Test with just app and an Iphone (@backpack_studio)

February 16, 2019

174 - I record a podcast solely with the Backpack Studios app, earbuds for monitoring only, and the iPhone's internal microphone.

Backpack Studio replaces the popular Bossjock Jr. app.

I recorded this with no practice. It is super easy to grab your soundbytes from your iCloud files.
If I had practiced more, I would have turned up the volume on my intro and outro.

I definitely recommend this product as an alternative to portable podcasting. I would like to see improved functionality with bluetooth microphones so that I'm not dependent on the iPhone's internal microphone - so I don't have to stay the same distance from the phone.

For a visual of me using the app on YouTube (with audio from the app):

Download your copy for portable podcasting:

Equipment used to record:
Backpack Studios App
Air buds for monitoring.

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