Latest Episodes

Episode 102 – Martian Geology with Prof Sanjeev Gupta
October 14, 2022

In 1972, Harrison Schmitt became the first (and so far only), scientist to walk on the surface of the Moon. Since then many scientists have brought their scientific insights to understanding to the

Episode 101 UNOOSA – Peaceful Uses of Outer Space
October 07, 2022

Niklas Hedman, the Acting Director of the @UN Office for the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNOOSA) talks about @UNOOSA ongoing role in facilitating and promoting the peaceful uses of space in Low Eart

Episode 100 Sandra Benitez Herrera – ESA Education Outreach
September 18, 2022

Sandra Benitez-Herrera talks about the opportunities for teachers and students made available by the European Space Agency 's CESAR (Cooperation through Education in Science and Astronomy Research) p

Episode 99 Professor Stamatios Krimigis – Exploring the Solar System with Voyager
September 09, 2022

A chance meeting with James van Allen led Stamatios Krimigis to build instruments for Mariner 3 and 4. Eventually became a Principle Investigator for the charged particle instrument on voyager which

Episode 98 Astrophotography with Nik Szymanek
October 18, 2021

Astrophotographer Nik Szymanek shares his unique perspective on how astrophotography has evolved since the 1980s when he first started. We speak about software and robotic telescopes @telescopelivehq

Episode 97 Bob Heil’s Moon Bounce Experiment with NASA
October 08, 2021

Following an unexpected meeting with USA's first Astronaut, Alan Shepard in around 1962. In this episode he recounts a Moon-Bounce experiments with @Nasa.

Episode 96 Seti – The search so far with Jill Tarter
October 01, 2021

Since the beginning of human civilisation, people have looked up at the night sky and wondered are we alone? Science and technology of the 20th century has made it possible to try to address that qu

Episode 95 European Space Cooperation DeGaulle to ExoMars with Brian Harvey
September 24, 2021

The latest book from authorBrian Harvey @BrianHarveyAut1, this is probably the first English language analysis of the individuals, institutions and early space projects that would eventually lead, n

Episode 94 Seti – Techniques and Technology with Jill Tarter
September 17, 2021

How has the SETI evolved over the last 6 decades and especially what can modern technology allow today that was not possible then? With Jill Tarter from @SETIInstitute

Episode 92: Revisiting Panspermia with Prof. Wickramasinghe
August 06, 2021

The idea of Panspermia, that life exists throughout the universe and spreads via asteroids, comets and cosmic dust, has been around for a long time. Two of the strongest advocates were Professor Fred