Association 4.0

Association 4.0

Ep 84: Moving Away from Strategic Planning and Embracing Iterative Planning

January 20, 2024

Stepping into the spotlight, is .orgSource’s very own Managing Director of Business Strategy AKA .orgSource’s “Resident Futurist,” Sharon Rice.

Sharon is an expert on strategic and business planning, growth strategies, comprehensive product development, and has helped numerous associations find lasting success. In this episode, we tapped into Sharon’s wealth of knowledge to discover applicable ways CEO’s and Executives can adapt to a more virtual environment and inspire their staff and board members to embrace a more collaborative planning method.

“Associations can create the future that they want to create. It’s all about being intentional,” says Sharon.

Instead of the typical, “set it and bake it” type of strategic planning, Sharon urges organizations to lean into iterative planning which allows more voices to be heard and better prepares associations for change.

From book recommendations for leaders to discussing whether or not organizations should keep their leases in a virtual culture, the amount of wisdom packed in this episode is something you won’t want to miss. Listen in!