Money Tales

Money Tales

Sort of by Accident, with Lauren Keen Aumond

August 24, 2023

In this episode of Money Tales, our guest is Lauren Keen Aumond. Lauren landed a finance job with a small company when she graduated college. A year into the role, she decided she wanted to learn more and earn more. Lauren thought she had to leave the company to do so, but instead an internal opportunity opened up for a sales position. Sure enough, she applied. When the head of the company learned this news, he said with surprise, “Spreadsheet Lauren is going to do sales?” Yes, she did. Lauren blew her quota out of the water that year.

Today, Lauren is a content creator and real estate investor based in Tampa Bay, Florida. Along with her husband, Aric, Lauren built a 12-door portfolio that helped them achieve financial independence by the ages of 32 and 29, respectively. They specialize in short-term rentals on the nature coast of Florida (the west coast). In 2019, Lauren launched the Adulting Is Easy podcast to teach her younger sister about personal finance, which has since expanded into social media, digital products and coaching. When she’s not working, Lauren enjoys spending time on her boat, playing pickleball and volleyball, watching sports and savoring a glass of red wine.