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Challenging RODI on Reef Tanks: What’s Really in Tap Water & Optimizing Aquarium Filtration For It. | 52SE
January 25, 2024

Ryan is back with 52SE, and this episode is all about making the BEST possible water for your reef tank or saltwater aquarium. Is using tap water a viable option? How do we get the most out of our RO/

We Want Answers to Phosphate & Nitrate in Reef Tanks. Can Our Approach to Nutrients End the Debate? | 52SE
January 18, 2024

This week, Ryan is diving deep into pollution in our reef tanks stemming from foods, nitrates, and phosphates. We're going on the record for what we think best levels should be and share our recommend

Elliot Lim Shares Why These 15 Saltwater Fish Are Expert Only… Or Not!
January 16, 2024

What does "Expert Only" REALLY mean?! Today, come and hang out with Ryan and Elliot Lim from Marine Collectors, as they go through Elliot's list of saltwater fish that are commonly listed as only for

Biome Cycle Results, Grouper, Octopus, Clams, Wins and Missteps on 7 Reef Tanks. 52SE Update!
January 11, 2024

52SE is BACK, and Ryan is in to talk about seven 52SE tanks in the BRStv studio in this update! How did we cycle each tank? What went right and what went WRONG. Ryan is running through it all, and you

Dreaming Of Going BIG? Than Shares His Wisdom on Large Reef Tanks!
January 09, 2024

Than from Tidal Gardens is back in the BRStv studio to talk with Ryan about the pitfalls of going with a huge saltwater aquarium. We're covering initial set up cost, the cost of maintaining it, as wel

Lou Ekus Answers His Top 10 Most Asked Reef Tank Questions!
January 04, 2024

Lou Ekus of Tropic Marin is BACK in the BRStv studio! In today's video, Ryan and Lou are running through Lou's top 10 saltwater aquarium troubleshooting questions that he gets asked. We're covering it

Than From Tidal Gardens Shares 7 Things Reefers Think Are True… But Aren’t!
January 02, 2024

Than Thein of Tidal Gardens is back in the BRStv studio with Ryan! This time, they're tackling misconceptions the reef tank and saltwater aquarium hobby thinks are true...but really aren't. Today, we'

Lou Ekus Shares His Knowledge on Carbon Dosing Our Reef Tanks!
October 30, 2023

Get the skinny on how to properly carbon dose your saltwater aquarium! Today, come hang out with Ryan and Lou from Tropic Marin USA as they discuss carbon dosing, and how to do it right. We're coverin

17 Questions For Success With Clams in Your Reef Tank! John Bui | Clam Mania
October 25, 2023

How much do YOU know about clams in reef tanks? Come and join Ryan and John Bui of Clam Mania, as they dive deep into the selection and care of these unique marine animals. Put your clam knowledge to

Than Thien Shares How Tidal Gardens Experiments in Their Coral Greenhouse.
October 23, 2023

Let's get experimental! Than is back yet again in the BRStv studio, this time, to chat with Ryan about how Tidal Gardens experiments with a variety of reef tank topics in their coral grow out greenhou