Ask Your Lawyer

Ask Your Lawyer

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November 16, 2023

On today's episode of Sisters speak the Sisters talk about the different forms of bullying and why it is important to create boundaries in relationships.

How To Apply for a UK Spouse Visa
August 08, 2023

Brother Tariq hosts this edition of Ask Your Lawyer with immigration expert Zaffar Iqbal from Greystone Solicitors. They speak about the changes in immigration laws and the process for securing a spouse visa in the UK.

February 24, 2020

On this episode, the presenters will be discussing homelessness in terms of housing law and The Homelessness Act.

A Legal Career
February 10, 2020

On this episode, Gias Uddin is joined by a panel of guests who will be discussing their paths into law, their experiences, dos and dont's and the choices and sacrificesw made in pursuing a legal career.

Legal Curiosities - Fact or Fable?
February 03, 2020

On this episode of the Ask Your Lawyer show, the presenters will be discussing legal curiosities - fact or fable?

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking
January 20, 2020

On this edition of Ask Your Lawyer, Shakil Shah is joined in the studio by Liam Loughlin and Tomas McGarvey to discuss Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking.

New Legislation in 2020 | Toolkit Episode
January 06, 2020

Attiq Malik returns for another toolkit edition of the Ask your Lawyer show. He will be discussing new legislation coming in 2020

Consumer Rights
December 23, 2019

On this episode of Ask Your Lawyer, Esther Olasehinde is joined by Dean Garrett to talk about consumer rights.

Immigration | Detention & Bail
December 02, 2019

Immigration edition of the Ask Your Lawyer show. Shakil Shah is joined in the studio by Barrister Mazharul Mustafa to talk about immigration detention and bail

Homelessness Pt. 2
November 25, 2019

Mujeeb and Anwar from DotCom Solicitors return to continue their discourse on homelessness and property law