Ask Me About My Type 1

Ask Me About My Type 1

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S4Ep13: The Type 1 Unkown
December 14, 2020

**TRIGGER WARNING** Eating Disorders This week on the podcast I discuss the topic of Eating Disorder and Diabulimia with my new friends Edie and Ronan. Edie is our Type 1 this week and was recently made an ambassador for the Eating Disorders Association o

S4Ep12: The Cost of Anything
December 07, 2020

Oh hey Type 1s and Nones! Diabetes Awareness Month might be over but that doesn't mean there aren't still more Diabetes conversations to be had. And this week on Ask Me About My Type 1 we're busting the oldest of Type 1 Myths because it's about time someo

S4Ep11: Type 1 in the Movies
November 30, 2020

ANOTHER EPISODE?!?!? That's right Type 1ers and Noners. Ask Me About My Type 1 is here for the second time in just as many days and we're going to the movies!!! This week is all about the very bad and kinda of good but mostly bad portrayals of Diabetes in

S4Ep10: Chronically Illing
November 29, 2020

Hey again Type 1s and Nones!!! Ask Me About My Type 1 is back for a second episode this week and we're continuing the conversation around identity and how it relates to Queerness and Chronic Illness. I sit down with Mallory again, who some of you may reme

S4Ep9: Being Type 1 and Queer
November 23, 2020

Hey Type 1s and Nones! National Diabetes Awareness Month is winding down but before it ends I wanted to feature another community within our own Diabetes community and as you might have guessed it's the Queer Type 1 Community! To do that this week I have

S4Ep8: Pay Or Die
November 20, 2020

SURPRISE!!! Ask Me About My Type 1 is back with a second episode for Type None week Type 1s and Nones!!! This time I'm joined by Scott and Rachael, the Type 1 and Type None director team behind the currently in production feature length documentary Pay Or

S4Ep7: The Type None of it all
November 16, 2020

Hey Type 1ers and Type Noners!!! Ask Me About My Type 1 is back and this week it's about the Nones! I finally have a Type None guest on during National Diabetes Awareness Month and she did not disappoint. This week on the podcast I have Antoinette from Di

S4Ep6: The 3c and MODY Types
November 09, 2020

Happy Week 2 of National Diabetes Awareness Month Type 1s and Nones!!! And in honor of the month Ask Me About My Type 1 is taking a break from all the Type 1 talk and getting to know some of the other Types of this thing we all call Diabetes with my guest

S4Ep5: HAWT Type 1 Takes Part 2
November 06, 2020

We're back Type 1s and Nones!!! And with the hawt hawt takes about the evils of pharma money and what they seem to be doing to our beloved Diabetes Orgs. Abbie, Maddy, Sierra and I, continue to tell the all the orgs, who I am positively sure are totally l

S4Ep4: HAWT Type 1 Takes
November 02, 2020

Happy National Diabetes Awareness Month Type 1s and Nones! And OH MY, do I have just the episode to celebrate it with!!! This week it's all about the spiciest topic I've discussed on the podcast to date: whether or not diabetes advocacy groups should be t