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Ask Kristi Podcast

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A Woman Who Overcame Her Abusive Relatinship with Past Husband
December 10, 2019

This woman left her husband who was abusing her and with counseling and courage became stronger.

Biloxi Casinos and Gambling
August 08, 2019

I don't know what it is about going to a casino and gambling, but it is one of my favorite things to do!

Getting Out of an Addictive Relationship
May 17, 2019

Put yourself first and get out of your addictive relationship!

Vitamins....The Good, Bad and the Ugly
April 12, 2019

Important Vitamins to be taking on a daily basis.

The Great Divide
April 05, 2019

This episode is about “The Great Divide”, the misconception of conservative views propagated by the media. 

The Five Love Languages
February 28, 2019

What Men Want in a Woman
February 22, 2019

Manners We Expect From Men
February 07, 2019

What we expect and do not like from men and far as manners go.

Getting Organized. How Clutter Affects Us.
January 30, 2019

A clean house is a clear mind. An organized environment is proven to make you more productive.

How Appearance Matters
January 26, 2019

How Appearance Matters. Is it true?