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Asia Briefing

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Elections in Thailand and Indonesia, and the resurgence of measles in Southeast Asia
April 09, 2019

Analysing the recent Thai election result, assessing the players and politics driving the Indonesian election, and a look at the Southeast Asian factors behind the recent measles outbreak

What next for North Korea, Vietnam’s trade, tech and tourism transformation?
March 12, 2019

We discuss what comes next after the failure of the Trump-Kim summit in Hanoi, look at Vietnam’s economic windfall from the US-China trade war, and analyse the huge South Korean tourism trade and its push to become the Silicon Valley of South East Asia

Thai election analysis and the Russian gentrification of Pattaya
February 16, 2019

Analysis of the upcoming Thai elections after a week of tumultuous headlines; revelations of another side of the notorious district of Pattaya as Russian migrants move in.

Philippines deep dive
January 18, 2019

Three of the most impactful and important stories from the Philippines: life after vicious armed conflict, a social media furore provoked by a beauty pageant and the ongoing struggle for a free press in one of the most dangerous countries for journalists.