A Show of Hearts

A Show of Hearts

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Connecting with Your Divine Feminine Power through the Tibetan Buddhist Practice of Green Tara
June 01, 2019

Host Rosemary Pritzker dives into the Tibetan Buddhist practice of Green Tara

Tonglen and the Practice of Compassion with Rosemary Pritzker
May 01, 2019

How to cultivate compassion and alleviate suffering using wisdom practices from Tibetan Buddhism

Passion, Practicality, and the Magic of Music with Priya Darshini
April 02, 2019

Brooklyn based singer, athlete, and philanthropist Priya Darshini on balancing passion with practicality, and the magic of music

Strength, Dignity, and Resilience in Haiti with Jeff Feldman
March 01, 2019

In the wake of unimaginable hardship, acts of strength, the resiliency and pride of a people, and the magic of culture steeped in mysticism and creativity

Functional Medicine, Spirituality, and the Afterlife with Dr. Leo Galland
January 31, 2019

The founder of functional medicine, Dr. Leo Galland, on empowering people through medicine, the loss of his son, and the afterlife

Calling on the Ancestors with Chartwell Dutiro
May 09, 2018

Chartwell Dutiro is from the Shona tribe of Zimbabwe and is a master mbira player and professor. Mbira is a traditional, mystical instrument that’s purpose is to call on the ancestors, and it’s also the instrument you hear at the beginning and end of t...

Gun Violence and Movement Building from the Heart with Marianne Manilov
April 11, 2018

Approaching large scale activism from a place of love and connection

Tremble With Joy! What is an Equinox??
March 22, 2018

Happy Spring Equinox! Rosemary talks about what that means, and gives tips on how you can enjoy it and use this time to emerge as a new version of yourself, with a fresh outlook on everything! Let your imagination run wild!

Tracking Epic African Music with Afropop Worldwide Founders
March 14, 2018

A life-long adventure of tracking down epic African music, then exuberantly sharing it with the world

Dive Towards the Flames
February 28, 2018

Have you ever felt like something was trying to burst out of you? Like a creative project, or a baby, or some kind of spiritual crisis?