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Ashley Ivena

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I let social media go
December 15, 2023

I had to let social media go. That addiction can truly be worse than other addictions. Hopefully I can get back to posting my podcasts, where I can be myself. I ended this episode rather abruptly because I received a phone call. Please excuse me for that.

What do I need to do?
April 22, 2023

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Why should we pray if his will is already written??
March 28, 2023

I just wanted to first say that I am so excited to be back. I wanted to start this podcast back off right with some mind boggling things. Prayer has always been key in my life but on Saturday night it just hit me and I wanted to know, why do we pray if hi

Do what makes YOU happy
February 16, 2022

We sometimes live life for other people and not ourselves. We should take some time away from social media and evaluate our lives. What is it that you really want out of life? What is your ultimate goal? What is it that you love to do? How do you really w

Purpose vs Passion
February 03, 2021

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How to Pray your way out of Temptation
January 19, 2021

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Trump Supporters at the Capitol
January 07, 2021

Love always Overpowers Hate--- Support this podcast:

Nipsey Hustle
January 06, 2021

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"Just Keep it to yourself:
January 03, 2021

I know you've heard the phrase, "Move in Silence," well this is somewhat of my discussion. You dont have to tell anyone what you're doing. Celebrate accomplishments and moves with yourself. --- Support this podcast:

Your Journey vs Destination
December 30, 2020

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