ASHA Voices

ASHA Voices

SLPs Make the Case for a Fearless Approach to Dysphagia Treatment

June 09, 2022

Two SLPs invite you to rethink your approach to swallowing disorders.

Ed Bice and Alicia Vose advocate for taking the fear out of dysphagia treatment—starting with the language we use.

In recognition of Dysphagia Awareness Month, we hear their insights on the words they choose and how they approach conversations with physicians. We also discuss what a person-centered approach looks like, and why it’s important to assess a swallow in relation to the whole person.

Plus, we look at the results of our guests' 2021 survey examining how often SLPs consult registered dietitians. They share why they think the results may point to a big opportunity.

Both guests are presenters at ASHA's online conference, “Controversies and Consensus in Dysphagia Management.” The conference begins August 3. Find details at