ASCEND Brain Bites

ASCEND Brain Bites

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Why Crows are SUPER SMART!! w/ Dr. John Marzluff
March 14, 2023

Dr. Nemeth and Sam McGovern chat with crow behavior expert, Dr. John Marzluff, about why and how our neighborhood crow friends are so gosh darn smart! We discuss the neuroscience behind crow behavior!

Neuroscience of Addiction with Dr. Judith Grisel
June 13, 2022

Parental Warning: This episode contains themes and discussions of drug use, addiction, and its concequences. Dr. Dan and Dr. Lorena talk with NYT-bestselling author and world leading addiciton neuros

Neuroscience of Illusions with Dr. Stephen Macknik- Full Interview
March 31, 2022

You may have gotten a taste of how your brain can trick you in our Illusions episode! Here is a full-feature release of the entire interview we had with Dr. Macknik! Hope you enjoy!

Episode 9 - Music and Memory
October 15, 2021

Our special guest, Mia Amato, tells Dan and Dr. Lorena Areal all about how our brains perceive music and how music is connected to our memory!!

Neuroscience of Illusions!
November 10, 2020

Danny and new co-host, Dr. Lorena Areal, dive into the wild world of illusions and how your brain processes sensory information! We interview a world expert neuroscientist specialized in visual illusions, Dr. Stephen Macknik!

Episode 7 - Memory and ....Flies?
February 03, 2020

Melissa and Danny delve into how memory is formed and how neuroscientists can study memory formation. How did scientists find this out and how are flies involved?

Episode 6: Happy BRAINSgiving!
November 27, 2019

Melissa and Danny wish you a Happy Thanksgiving by deciphering the age old myth about Thanksgiving: Does the tryptophan in turkey really make you sleepy? We also talk about how gratitude and Black Friday shopping affect your brain!

Episode 5: Fear, BRAINS! and Zombies!
October 31, 2019

Halloween Special

The Senses, Pt. 2
October 30, 2019

Physical Senses

The Senses pt. 1
September 26, 2019

Taste & Smell