The Art of Fatherhood Podcast

The Art of Fatherhood Podcast

Danny Trejo Talks Fatherhood, New Book And What Role He Is Most Proud Of

August 09, 2021

Danny Trejo talks with me about his new book Trejo: My Life of Crime, Redemption, and Hollywood that he wrote with Donal Logue.  He opens up about why he wrote this book and some of the lessons he learned about life along the way. We also talk about fatherhood and why he always wants to be there for his kids. Next, Danny talks about what his kids has taught him about life. We finish the interview with the Fatherhood Quick Five. 

About Danny Trejo 

Danny Trejo is one of Hollywood’s most recognizable, prolific, and beloved character actors. Famed for his ultra-baddie roles in series like AMC’s Breaking Bad, FX’s Sons of Anarchy, and director Robert Rodriguez’s global, billion-dollar Spy Kids and Machete film franchises, Danny is also a successful restauranteur. He owns seven locations of Trejo’s Tacos, Trejo’s Cantina, and Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts in the Los Angeles area, and is expanding his Trejo’s Tacos franchise nationwide. Visit to learn more.

About Trejo: My Life of Crime, Redemption, and Hollywood wherever books are sold. 

For the first time, the full, fascinating, and inspirational true story of Danny Trejo’s journey is here. He talks about crime, prison, addiction, and loss to unexpected fame as Hollywood’s favorite bad guy. Danny is a guy with a heart of gold. Redemptive and painful, poignant and real, Trejo is a portrait of a magnificent life and an unforgettable and exceptional journey through tragedy, pain, and, finally, success that will transfix and inspire.

Follow Danny on Twitter at @officialDannyT and pick up his book, Trejo: My Life of Crime, Redemption, and Hollywood wherever books are sold. 

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