ArtMoves-The Podcast

ArtMoves-The Podcast

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ArtMoves Podcast 15 – artist Mikey Yates
May 09, 2024

The accidental artist The road to Mikey Yates discovery of his own creative talent & passion is winding, but the art world is a better place for him having arrived. In this episode we hear about his

ArtMoves Podcast 14 – artist Amir Fallah
February 27, 2024

Check this out.

ArtMoves Podcast 13 – art collector Matt Strange
January 21, 2024

How can you start collecting art?

ArtMoves Podcast 12 – artist and curator Kiki Serna
November 14, 2023

In this episode, we speak with artist, curator, and champion of the immigrant experience, Kiki Serna. Listen along, as she so eloquently immerses us into her world, both with her poignant art and her

ArtMoves Podcast 11 – artist and educator Kevin Demery
September 12, 2023

artist and educator Kevin Demery

ArtMoves Podcast 10 – artist and curator Kaitlyn B Jones
June 04, 2023

What are her impressions of the Kansas City art scene?

ArtMoves Podcast 9 – Artist, Curator, and Poet Glenn North
March 17, 2023

A beacon of hope and quiet strength is what you might call Glenn North. Or lauded poet, community leader, facilitator and curator of the arts, and an artist in his own right. the list goes on for t

ArtMoves Podcast 8 – artist Brittany Noriega
January 25, 2023

Want to meet an artist who has her eye on the bigger picture? Here she is Brittany Noriega.In this episode, Brittany tells us not only about her path to becoming the creator of beautiful artwork, but

ArtMoves Podcast 7 – artist Yoonmi Nam
December 10, 2022

Multi-talented artist and professor Yoonmi Nam exemplifies the robust art education available in the Midwest. Was it serendipity that brought her to this region? Plus, her story of themid-career exp

ArtMoves Podcast 6 – artist Debra Smith
November 14, 2022

Listen as we interview talented fiber and textile artist Debra Smith, who shares many stories and candid insights about her path to this point. These will resonate not only with artists at any stage