Art Restart

Art Restart

Narsiso Martinez

June 14, 2021


Narsiso Martinez creates drawings and mixed-media installations that focus on the lives and labor of the thousands of migrant agricultural workers on whom we all depend for our produce. Not only are the detail and atmosphere of each of his pieces breathtaking, but his canvas, so to speak, is also remarkable and evocative. He creates and assembles his work on and with discarded cardboard produce boxes that he himself collects from grocery stores.

He knows his subject well as he himself earned money to pay for his art education by working alongside friends and family in the agricultural fields of Washington State.

Often his work is monumental in size. In fact for most of April 2021 a large piece of his was featured on a billboard in West Hollywood, CA, part of the non-profit Billboard Creative’s annual exhibition throughout the Los Angeles City basin.

In this interview with Rob Kramer and Pier Carlo Talenti, Narsiso reveals how tenaciously he pursued his dream of becoming a working artist and how having achieved that goal he is working to help others achieve theirs.