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Remy Powell Pt. 2
April 17, 2019

Remy Powell continues his discussion on ATO about medical school, provides some insights for current pre-medical students, and goes through the Slow Burn Round.

Remy Powell Pt. 1 - Pelotonia & Medical School Assumptions
April 10, 2019

Remy Powell joins ATO to discuss his experience as an 8-time rider for Pelotonia and goes through a series of assumptions about medical school. Contact:

Hot Water is Not Tea
April 08, 2019

Join Ben and Rohan and they chop it up about Ohio State's many on-campus cafés, share some uncomfortable stories, and reveal their rants for this week. Follow us @around_the_oval on Instagram, rate us on Apple Podcasts, and submit any questions to aroundt

Katrina Gates - Experience with OSU Mental Health Services
April 03, 2019

Katrina Gates joins ATO to share her experience with OSU mental health services and helps to break down the pros and cons of the current system for students. She later shares her best experience, her love for volunteering, and her hidden gem at OSU.

Courtney Dille - Women's Club Soccer, Buck-I-SERV, and more
March 28, 2019

Courtney Dille joins ATO to discuss her experiences on Women's Club Soccer and on her Buck-I-SERV trips to Florida, Atlanta, and New York. Email us at and follow us on Instagram at @around_the_oval. Be sure to rate us on Spotify an

Rob DiSalle - Working Abroad, IBE, Student Alumni Council, and more
March 06, 2019

Robert DiSalle joins Around the Oval to talk about his experiences working abroad in Australia, as a student in the Integrated Business and Engineering Program, and as a member of Student Alumni Council. Ben ranks the gyms at OSU and he and Rohan reveal a

Alex Tulloch - LA to OSU, Pursuing a Career in Music, Facets of Being a Black Student, Overcoming Adversity, and more
February 20, 2019

Alex Tulloch joins ATO to discuss his transition from Los Angeles to Ohio State, his passion for music, and some of the experiences he's had and observations he's made as a student at OSU. Alex breaks down the Black scene at Ohio State and shares some of

Megan Mansour - Organic Chemistry TA, Starting a Student Org, and more
February 12, 2019

Megan Mansour joins Around the Oval to discuss her experience as the head organic chemistry teaching assistant, starting a student org chapter, and dealing with health issues in school. Later, Ben and Rohan continue on ranking and ranting. Contact: makhij

Andrew Benvenuto - Out-of-State Student, Greek Life, Medical School, and more
January 27, 2019

Andrew Benvenuto joins "Around the Oval" to talk about his experiences as an out-of-state student, with Greek Life, and more. Listen in to hear about his best moments at Ohio State and what he considers to be the "hidden gem" for OSU students.