Armstrong & Getty One More Thing

Armstrong & Getty One More Thing

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Time Blindness & Other Musings...
June 13, 2024

Well, the other musings overwhelmed the main topic. Nonetheless, we fully examine an unique individual (some say artist) with a peculiar act. See for privacy information.

Whiny Aussie, Get the Hell Out!
August 15, 2023

Jackasses, freaks and weirdos all over the world share their thoughts on all sorts of topics. Case in point, this cheery Aussie youth, who has an issue with the American Flag. Joe offers her a thoughtful, eloquent response regarding the power of ideas.

Rich Men, Apologetic Women
August 14, 2023

First, we sample the new "hit" from singer Oliver Anthony. Next, she's now widely known as the "That MF'er isn't real" girl. Now, she simply wants you to know that she's sorry.See for privacy information.

From the Ballpark to the Old Folks Home!
August 10, 2023

We crack open the Sound Fridge, and all kinds of stuff spills-out all-over-the-floor!See for privacy information.

Isn't It Ironic?!
August 09, 2023

Jack brings us an age-old question derived from the now aged hit from a popular Canadian pop singer.See for privacy information.

Nerd Battle!
August 08, 2023

First, we Clean Out the Sound Fridge. Next, we talk about a very necessary tool that could be used to help break the ice. Plus, a very embarrassing moment for a beloved member of the A&G team.See for privacy information.

Modern Sensitivities
August 07, 2023

Joe brings us an absolutely fantastic take on censorship in the world of book publishing via an op-ed by writer Michael Deacon.See for privacy information.

Dating in the Modern World
August 04, 2023

How much has dating changed? Jack brings us a survey about dating trends....See for privacy information.

An Ugly Phase
August 03, 2023

Have you ever felt as though you were stuck in an Ugly Phase? Joe has, and he brings us the details.See for privacy information.

Everyone's Doing It!
August 02, 2023

First, Jack has a message for Apple. Next, Joe educates us on Swedish Death well as revealing something a massive collection of....????See for privacy information.