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Arizona Divorce Podcast

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Owning Property Jointly After Divorce
May 14, 2020

A recent opinion from the Arizona Court of Appeals brings up (and corrects) a terrible idea: jointly owning property with your ex-spouse after divorce. If you or your spouse wants to own property jointly after divorce, you should listen to the pros...

State of the Podcast 2020
March 02, 2020

2020 brings a lot of changes to Arizona Divorce Podcast. In this episode I provide updates on my new law firm, episode frequency and content for 2020, and the various changes to the website. 

Estate Planning During Divorce
August 19, 2019

The majority of American adults don't have an estate plan in place. So why should you think about estate planning while going through a divorce? It's not as if you don't have enough on your plate already. In this episode I discuss the ramifications...

Rule 4 - Computing Time and Deadlines
August 08, 2019

Divorce is litigation and litigation is driven by deadlines. In this episode I cover the ins and outs of Rule 4 which governs how time (e.g. deadlines) are governed and calculated under the Rules of Family Law Procedure. Listen to this episode to...

Community Liens in Real Estate and Disclaimer Deeds
June 18, 2019

Special guest Glenn Halterman appears on the show to discuss community liens in real estate, as well as disclaimer deeds and how they affect the characterization of property. Community liens arise when community funds are used to enhance one spouse's...

Rule 69 Agreements
May 31, 2019

Rule 69 under the Family Law Rules of Procedure allow the parties, and/or their attorneys, to enter into binding agreements. This is important for divorcing parties to be able to make settlements that cannot later be undone so progress can be made...

Legal Decision-Making Update - Paul E. Case Update
May 14, 2019

Back in episodes 3a and 3b we discussed the Nicaise and Paul E. cases. The Arizona Supreme Court has since ruled on the Paul E. case. In this episode I address the ruling and how it might impact the majority of people who will share joint legal...

Rule 49 Initial Disclosure Requirement
April 09, 2019

In every divorce case, the parties will be required to disclose a great deal of information, typically within 40 days of the Response to the divorce Petition being filed. In this episode, I teach you the several aspects of Rule 49, when the disclosure...

Retirement Planning after Divorce
April 03, 2019

We all want/need to retire one day. Even though it seems like a distant problem, the more we do now the better it will be in the future. In this episode I interview Sam Kasper, a wealth management and financial planner, and learn some tips and tricks...

Filing a Resolution Statement
April 02, 2019

Before you go to a Resolution Management Conference (RMC), you will almost certainly have to file a Resolution Statement. The rules require it to be done shortly after the initial disclosure and most court orders scheduling an RMC will order it to be...